TSM8.1.3 dsmserv 无法启动问题,ANS1017E,ANS8002I


ANS1017E Session rejected: TCP/IP connection failure


# dsmadmc
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ANS1017E Session rejected: TCP/IP connection failure
ANS8023E Unable to establish session with server.
ANS8002I Highest return code was -50.

发现dsmserv没有启动, 切换到 tsminst1 启动server时报错:

SQL1032N  No start database manager command was issued.  SQLSTATE=57019


ANR1820E   The server could not connect to the database manager by using TCP/IP port port number.
The server attempted to connect to the database by using TCP/IP, but it was not able to do so.

System action
The server stops.

User response
First, verify that the port number is not already in use. Possible methods include:

On Unix systems, inspect /etc/services for an occurance of the port number.
Use the netstat command to determine if a service is listening on the port number.
If a conflict is detected, specify a different port number on the DBMTCPPORT option in the server options file and restart the server.

If no conflict is found, use the "db2 get database manager config" command to verify that the SVCENAME configuration parameter is set to the port number identified by the message. If not, then use the "db2 update database manager config using SVCENAME port number" command to manually update the configuration parameter. Ensure that the value specified is also specified on the DBMTCPPORT server option. Restart the server.

Finally, use the "db2set" command to verify that the DB2COMM environment variable is set to "TCPIP". If not, then use the "db2set DB2COMM=TCPIP" command to set the environment variable and restart the server.

执行db2 get database manager config显示 database manager 未启动,这样看来是数据库的问题:

$ db2set DB2COMM=tcpip
$ db2 terminate
$ db2stop force
$ db2start


ANR0226S The database ID file could not be found for server startup.